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Text Box: Research & Project Management
Head of Research Department: 
Jamal A Nasir Sheikh
Project Manager  (Literacy)	
Saira Rashid
Project Manager  (Health)
Mrs. Mubeen 
Project Manager (Poverty Alleviation)	
Mrs. Nusrat Fiaz
Project Manager (CD & Social Mobilization)
Muhammad Banaras 
Project Manager (Early Recovery)
Mr. Ali Imran
Our TeamText Box: Executive Body
Mr. Fiaz Ahmad
Vice President 			    
Mr. Riaz Ahmad
General Secretary	                  
Muhammad Umar Draz
Joint Secretary		  
Najaf Abbass
Nasir Abbas 
Executive Member		
Hassan Suleman 
Executive Member
Iftikhar Ali
Text Box: Think Tank
Mr. Liaqat Hussain	
Educationist, M. Phil Biology, Head of Biology Department Govt. Higher Secondary School Qadir Pur Ran, Multan
Mr. Tofeeq Zia	
Educationist, M. Phil English, Faculty  member, Govt. Degree College Vehari
Dr. Khawer Bilal Baig	
Educational Therapist, PhD. in Clinical Psychology, Karachi University
Mr. Mohsin Atta	
Researcher, M. Phil in Clinical Psychology, Quaid Azam University
Mr. Jamal A Nasir	
Researcher in Inclusive and Special Education,  MA English, Head of Research Department, SEO, Pakistan
Mr. Muhammad Banaras	
Community Development worker, MA in English from NUML Pakistan,  MA in Linguistics from Dalarna University Sweden
Text Box: SOCIAL EVOLUTION ORGANIZATIONText Box: Public Relation Department 
Liaison Manager :  Mr. Khubaib Usmani
Contact UsText Box: Social Evolution Organization 
264 L, Shah Rukne Alam Colony, Multan (Punjab)
Phone:+92 61 4043059
Email: info@seo.org.pk