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Mental HealthText Box: Trauma counselling in AJK & NWFP

Amid the physical support that has been extended to the earthquake affected areas of AJK & NWFP by various organizations, SEO tried to help out on psychological fronts. We felt a dire need of providing psychiatric support to the school children and other survivors of the earthquake in AJK & NWFP.

Text Box: Psycho Social Services
Delivered Psycho-Social Services at School-level in Abbotabad District through workshops and Trainings:
SEO held 18 workshops and 60 training sessions regarding Psycho-Social Services for school teachers, students and their parents to remove psychological pressure an outcome of earthquake. 5000 children, 250 teachers and 1500 parents were our direct beneficiaries. We also trained a group of 45 members (Male & Female) from those communities to disseminate this message among the masses. 
Text Box: We strongly felt that though their physical needs were being fulfilled, their mental and psychological needs were left unattended. SEO arranged counselling sessions especially for school children and in general for survivors in Earthquake affected areas  where the way to normalization and everyday life was seemingly impossible. These trauma counselling sessions were conducted by the volunteer psychiatrists and psychologists already at SEO volunteer panel.

We are very well aware of the bleak situation regarding health (Physical & Mental), prevailing due to the ignorance of preventive measures. To overcome this problem, time to time we conduct the following activities:

 HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns;

 Training of rural women on basic health ( Physical & Mental) issues specially during and after pregnancy;

 Immunization of women and children;

 Maternal care Hygiene and nutrition awareness;

 Creating awareness about psychological issues and remedies;

 Conducting courses for clinical Hypnosis.