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SOCIAL EVOLUTION ORGANIZATIONText Box: SEO Research Division conducts qualitative and quantitative research studies to make recommendations and to improve the quality of education in ‘Youthful Offenders Industrial schools’. 
Text Box: We are concerned about education in general and of adults and Juvenile Delinquents in particular
Text Box: Summary
The study was conducted to scrutinize the requirements and needs, and quality of education in Youthful Offenders Industrial School Karachi and to recommend improving the quality of education of juvenile delinquents. The study was restricted to the captives in Youthful Offenders Industrial School Karachi..
Five hypotheses were formulated:
Educational facilities are insufficient.
Religious education is given orally.
There is an absence of vocational training through out the educational process.
Common education of juvenile delinquents is ignored in “Youthful Offenders Industrial School Karachi”.
Curriculum in practice do not meet reform and rehabilitation purpose. 
A total of four hundred and six juvenile delinquents contained in Youthful Offenders Industrial school Karachi constituted the population of the study. A limited time frame hindered the provision of a census; so one hundred and twenty out of the total were at random selected. Those selected, a 30 % of the total population, were asked to fill up questionnaire and answer interview questions. Percentage method along with graphic representations was used to analyze the data. The findings paved the way for several recommendations and the following areas for future research were suggested:
Reformation of juvenile delinquents and role of NGOs
Social causes of Juvenile Delinquency; A social mapping of the issue
Jail environment and the psychological development of juvenile delinquents
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